Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Skies Cleared!

After receiving just under 2.0" of rain on the Monday of our greens aerification, the skies cleared and the rest of the week gave us great weather.  We were able to get all greens aerified by 1:00 Tuesday afternoon.  The rest of the day was spent cleaning the cores off the greens and getting them rolled and ready for topdressing.

The process began on #5 green early Tuesday morning.  One aerifier started on #5 and the other on #6.  They then work away from each other to efficiently move around the golf course.  We have a utility trailer that we use to shuttle the aerifiers to speed up the transport process.

Pushing the plugs to the edges of the greens allows us to avoid putting additional utility cart traffic on the greens that could cause unneeded ruts.  Pushing all the plugs off and picking up the piles is the most time consuming portion of aerification.

Once the greens are cleaned off and blown they resemble the picture to the left.  Once we get them to this stage they are ready for topdressing sand.  We back-fill the holes with sand to create channels for air and water to exchange freely.  This exchange is key to surviving the hot humid North Carolina summers.

We use approximately 48 tons of sand to fill all the holes and completely topdress the greens.  Once the sand is down, we allow it to dry completely.  At The Hasentree Club we prefer to use our turbine blowers to blow the sand into the holes.  In order to do this, the sand must be totally dry.  By blowing the sand in the holes we avoid bruising the plants by dragging the sand in with a drag brush.  In my experience, dragging the sand in causes extensive bruising that the plant must first heal from before beginning to heal over the holes.  I estimate that our healing time is sped up by at least 3-4 days by not bruising the leaves of the plant in the beginning.

A view from the seat of the Gator while blowing in  the sand on #14.
We hope to get the greens healed up as fast as possible.  The weather is a huge factor in how fast the holes will heal over.  Sunny and warm will get the A-4 bentgrass growing and allow us to begin grooming the greens back to the surfaces that everyone expects.

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